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Reasons to Start Teaching Your Toddler How to ReadReasons to Start Teaching Your Toddler How to Read

As they say, a child’s performance in his first few months in his first grade in school is indicative of how his parents taught him at home. For sure, you don’t want to be judged as having not spent much attention in teaching your toddler some necessary skills such as writing his name, reading at least three-lettered words, and counting until twenty or so.

To be an efficient teacher to your child, especially in reading, you must set the example by showing your love for books. Showing him that you are always reading, will trigger his curiosity about books. You can start your reading sessions by reading aloud some rhymes and simple melodies. All children love to sing so you can read and sing children’s songs together. It may be better if the book has illustrations in it. Flashcards can help too. He will be able to recognize letters and their sounds if you help him follow what you are reading.

readingBut children have a short attention span. A step by step program called the Children Reading Learning or CRL is a daily fifteen-minute reading exercise session that you can use in teaching your child how to read. According to child learning reading reviews, this method, which is available in soft copies only, is an effective way of teaching children how to read at the early age of 2.5-year-old up to seven years of age.

Indeed, teaching your child how to read before his first grade in school has many benefits that include the following.

Boosts Your Child’s Confidence

Your child will be more confident to go to school when he knows how to read. For sure, he will be more active in class, and can understand instructions also. For a child who does not know how to read when he enters school first grade, he will surely have a hard time coping with his lessons.

Creates Stronger Bond between You and Your Child

Your daily reading sessions can form a stronger bond with your child. It will create a lasting attachment that will last for a lifetime. He will also be more open and honest with you because your communication line has already been developed since you started your reading lessons.


Motivates Your Child to Learn More

When your child learns how to read and is admired for his feat, he will be motivated to learn more. His competitive spirit may also be enhanced. This will let him want to achieve more in school and in life.

He Will Love Books

Being a wide reader will make your child more informed, making him a more well-rounded person who is ready to explore and face the world.